With the new pastime of motor touring came magazines for both tourists and dealers/repair shops. Motor Camper & Tourist in the mid 1920's had appealing covers showing halcyon days motor camping, with articles on auto trails to take, sights to see, gear to take, and do-it-yourself projects. It must have been an adventure!

Click on each magazine to see it enlarged and to see some PP-OO articles (1914 Horseless Age and 1924 Motor Camper & Tourist).

  • 1914 August Horseless Age
  • 1919 May 29 Motor Age
  • 1924 July Motor Camper & Tourist
  • 1925 May Motor Camper & Tourist
  • 1925 October Motor Camper & Tourist
  • 1926 August Motor Camper & Tourist
  • 1926 Socony Standard